Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wife Fluffer... Party Of One

But oh is it one damn party! First and foremost, I guess I should describe what a "wife fluffer" is. First, a fluffer is the nice young doe-eyed dam hired on the porn sets to help prepare the male porn-stars for their "main rolls". In short, these girls give the Mr. Winky's a fluff up before the curtain call. So that's a fluffer. And a wife well, how ever you cut that one from Mrs. Cleaver to Rosanne Barr, a wife is the other person that is on the opposite end of the aisle after the "will you marry me" and "I'm going to be a Mrs." and "what china pattern do you like dear?" (like he gives a flying fuck.)

So now that I've given those two descriptions if you put them together, a-la-Sesame Street Style, you get me. I'm your quintessential Wife Fluffer. For terms here, The Wife Fluffer to you bitches (and nice sweet soon to be married tied-down types and whoever else in between.)

The blog will be light hearted and is going to give tips, as well as chronicle my adventures in dating. I can promise that it will include lots of foul language (my Mother would need a case of soap for this shit), lots of laughs at my expense and the expense of other people. The Characters in each story will garner nicknames, and you may even get the ability to vote and start naming your own as time goes on. Interactive blog... fave!

I hope that you can read my stories and tips and see yourself, or who you would like to be, or who you never wanted to be, or who your hope your child doesn't grow up to develop into, something that keeps you clicking back and sticking with me, even if for morbid curiosity.


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